General Surgery

Specialized staff will diagnose and treat diseases of the thyroid, esophagus, stomach, duodenum, small intestines, large intestines and rectal area. The surgical operations of all the diseases described will be done successfully. It is expected that the gastroenterology unit and the medical imaging department will work side by side in order to give a surgical service of more good quality to our patients. Areas of intervention of General Surgery

Services and operations of the clinic

  1. Diagnosis and surgical treatment of diseases of endocrine organs: thyroid and parathyroid
  2. Diagnosis and treatment of breast diseases: breast abscesses, fibrocystic breast, benign breast tumor, breast cancer.
  3. Diagnosis and surgical treatment of diseases of the digestive system: liver diseases (liver abscess, liver cysts) gall bladder and bile ducts (inflammation of the gallbladder)
  4. Diagnosis and surgical treatment of diseases of the big and small intestines: surgery of appendicitis, polyps, diverticulosis, ulcer and tumors of the spine.
  5. Diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the anal region: surgical and medical treatments of hemorrhoids, fissure, fistula and medical abscesses; treatment and surgery of ligature strips of hemorrhoids.
  6. The pilondal sinusVarious methods have been developed and applied for this disease and the research continues. Despite this, the recurrence of this disease is still a major problem. Surgical methods can be summarized as open surgery, semi-open surgery and closed surgery. The intervention method is chosen according to the conditions of the disease and the surgical preferences.
  7. Diagnosis and surgical treatment of hernia: Surgery of inguinal hernia, abdominal hernia, thigh hernia, hiatal hernia and hernias resulting from surgery. In our hospital, it is recommended a general application of the synthetic patch in the repair of hernia.
  8. Diagnosis and treatment of diseases of a stomach: surgical treatment as a result of perforation and bleeding of a stomach; the operations of stomach tumors.
  9. Surgical laparoscopy: using small incisions made in the abdomen, devices are placed in the abdomen to guide the endoscopic videos. Nowadays the most common biliary bladder surgery is laparoscopic surgery. In our hospital, biliary bladder surgery, appendicitis, hernia and perforation of the stomach are performed.
  10. The treatment of varicose veins: the diagnosis and treatment of varicose veins (medicinal treatment, sclerotherapy, paker’s excisions and varicose vein surgery) are done successfully. Interventions and emergency services:
    • All injuries of the body: surgical treatments of skin cracks, vein cracks, burn treatments.
    • Rapid interventions for traffic accidents and emergency operations.
    • Small surgical procedures:
      • Tissue biopsies: open biopsy, needle biopsy.
      • Cytology biopsy cytology (breast cysts and thyroid nodules), lymphatic ganglion biopsies.
      • Ablation of the body masses: lipoma, Naevius, lymphatic ganglion.
      • Drainage abscess (emptying)
      • Burn dressing and debridement
      • Control and revision of the level of the nails.
      • Diagnostic procedures like thoracentesis and paracentesis.
    • Rectosigmoidoscopy

Outpatient visit hours:

Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.